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To make sure we can deliver your order tonight at a specific time, please place your order before 5pm.  If you need to leave a message, we will call back within 30 minutes
 To add chocolates to your order please either proceed to the checkout where
 these options are available or click BUY> if you'd like to send them on their own.

-Our Heart & Gold boxes are feel with              -Leonidas handmade chocolate from Belgium
-S: Small Heart Box (1) £9.95  BUY>
-M: Medium Heart Box (6/7) £18.45 BUY>
-L: Large Heart Box (20) £48.95  BUY>

-GS: Small Gold box (2)  £9.75  BUY>
-GM: Medium Gold box (16)  £18.95 BUY>

-French Maxim's chocolate to London
-MS: Small Tin box (18)  £9.95 BUY>
-ML: Medium Tin box (16)  £18.95 BUY>
-MB: Chocolate box (50)  £12.95   BUY>